Custom Metal Art Work by George Kort
Large Wall Pieces
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Weeping Willow - Copper 63"x43"

Weeping Willow

40"x45"x8” Weeping Willow Red or Patina

Chrome Abstract - Two 33"x24"x2" Each

Wine Bottles with Glasses

Sun Face - Copper and Brass 44"x44”x3"

Copper Patina Brass Abstract 65"x31"x6"

Large Wall Abstract 48"x48"x6"

Eagle 48'x32"x5" - Brass

Brass and Copper Maple Leaves 42"x23"x3"

Double - Green and Red Leaves 44"x19"x3.5 Each

Egret Copper Tree 47"x20"x6"

Copper Moon Face 25"x16"x2"

Large Chrome Abstract 54"x29"x3"

Multi Color Copper 33"x38"x5"

Light House 51"X40”X4"

Orange Tree 63" x 51"x5"

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