Mariemont DAR Honors Vietnam Era Veterans
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Thirty-one Vietnam-era veterans and their spouses were honored by the Mariemont Chapter DAR on Saturday, November 18, 2017, at Armstrong Chapel in Indian Hill.  Although the day began with wind and a power outage in part of the building, a quick change of plans and relocation in the facility resulted in a program for approximately 125 people who included veterans, wives, guests, SAR members and DAR members.  A special thank you to veterans was presented by Congressman Brad Wenstrup.

As a commemorative partner of the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration Program, Mariemont Chapter is authorized to provide certificates and lapel pins as a token of appreciation by a grateful nation for the faithful and dedicated service of veterans during the Vietnam War era. This event was the third of the three-year project involving Mariemont Chapter under the chairmanship of Miriam Lillback to honor Vietnam-era Veterans.

The entire program was directed toward honoring those who served.   The Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard under John H. Bredenfoerder, Color Guard Commander and President of the Cincinnati Chapter SAR presented the colors.  The ritual was presented including the Pledge, the American’s Creed and the Star Spangled Banner.   Congressman Brad Wenstrup thanked the veterans and wives present for their dedication to the United States through service in the branches of the military.   He presented stories of two heroes he knew who gave their all during their service in order to save their fellow servicemen and expressed that all who served deserved to be honored and thanked for their sacrifices and service.

Following a brief video entitled “A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans” provided by the Department of Defense and explanation of the meaning of the Vietnam Era Memorial Flag and the lapel pin, each veteran was called forward to receive a certificate of appreciation and his lapel pin.  Each wife present was individually called forward and given a white rose to honor the sacrifices of the wives and families of each of these veterans.  A personal gift bag was given to each veteran containing gifts donated by a variety of businesses in the area which include Panera Bread, Gold Star Chili, LaRosa's Pizzeria, Hershey's, Kroger, Chick-fil-A, and The Heritage Foundation.

Ace Gilbert, the first veteran that the chapter had honored through this program two years ago and a US Marine veteran of the Vietnam War, provided the Benediction. 

Watch the Video: A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans

Thirty One Vietnam War Veterans were honored at this ceremony:

Howard Abraham, United States Marine Corps; John C. Benson, United States Army; William F. Brandt, United States Army; Edwin L. Calhoun, United States Air Force; Jesse E. Carter, United States Air Force; David Conley, United States Air Force; Jimmie D. Crist, United States Navy; William D. Davis, United States Navy; Philemon R. Dickinson II, United States Marine Corps; Gary Duffield, United States Air Force; Michael G. Francis, United States Marine Corps; Ralph L. Freiberger, United States Navy; Marshall A. Goodman, United States Army; Lloyd D. Hannah, United States Army; Enos E. Hayes, United States Air Force; Charles Henderson, United States Army; Allen J. Howard, United States Air Force; Gerald P. Knight, United States Navy; Thomas Koch, United States Army; Glenn Litteral, United States Navy; George P. Louiso, United States Navy; Wayne W. Miller, United States Air Force; James L. Mincey, United States Army; Cleon Montgomery, United States Army; Gary Oelrich, United States Air Force; Douglas Royce, United States Army; Allen Thomas, Jr., United States Army; Robert G. Walker, United States Army; Joseph S. Waltz, Jr., United States Air Force; Dick White, United States Navy; Danny J. Wright, United States Army

Vietnam War Commemoration Flag

Vietnam War Commemoration Lapel Pin
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