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Photography by Debra Patek, member of Mariemont Chapter DAR

DAR Members Maxine Mace and Carrie Conlin-Royalty. Carrie is the Chapter Registrar.

Billie D'Erminio with Howard Abraham, United States Marine Corps

Glenn Litteral, United States Navy and Carolyn Litteral

Angie Montgomery and Cleon Montgomery, United States Army

George "Dutch" Speidel, husband of Mariemont Chapter member Mary Lee Speidel,
was honored two years ago as a Vietnam Veteran

Gary Duffield, United States Air Force

Joseph S. Waltz, Jr., United States Air Force and Linda Waltz

Wayne and Laura Miller.  He served in the United States Air Force.

Edward Calhoun, United States Air Force

DAR member Christy Nagy with Kacy Nagy and Amy Barron

Allen J. Howard, United States Air Force (seated) to the left is Ace Gilbert,
United States Marine Corp who gave the benediction

Cleon Montgomery, United States Army

Rev. David Brown, Lead Pastor of Armstrong Chapel. When electricity was out in one side of the church, Rev. Brown greeted everyone and directed them to the new location for our ceremony. Thank you!

Larry Lillback, husband of DAR member Miriam Lillback greeted veterans and wives.

Carol Freiberger and Ralph L. Freiberger, United States Navy

Lloyd D. Hannah, United States Army
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